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West Scotland and North East Scotland Wings Nijmegen Marches

Last week 12 cadets and 4 staff from West Scotland Wing Air Cadets along with 3 cadets and 2 Staff from North East Scotland Wing Air Cadets took part in the Nijmegen international 4 Day Marches. "Marching " 100+ miles in 4 Days.


Flt Lt Vanda Nicholls from Maryhill,  Officer Commanding 49F Greenock (MacRoberts Reply) Sqn Air Cadets and Flt Lt Grahame Herd from Bowling, in charge of West Scotland Wing Road Marching and Adjutant at 1777 Dumbarton Blackburn Sqn ATC have both just completed their 6th Nijmegen International 4 Day March.  The 100 mile route over 4 days in on roads and paths, with start times varying from 4am to 6am and all have to be over the line by 5pm each night.


Fg Off Chris Tyson, Officer Commanding 2329 Castle Douglas Sqn completed the Marches for his fifth time. Flt Sgt Damian Grogan 1990 Ellon Sqn completed for his 3rd time.

Cadet Sgt Jennifer Grey and Cdt Cpl Callum Kerrigan completed the marches for their second time, with all other staff and cadets completing for the first time.

Around 45,000 people took part in what is now called the Walk of the World and is an international event, with this year being the 99th Year of the marches taking places. Initially started in 1909.  Around 750 British military took part. This was made up of Regular Army, Navy and RAF teams along with University Air Sqns, OTC and cadets.


40km is completed by the military teams on average each day, with males who are going to be 19 in the year of the March and over having to carry 10kg dead weight on top of the general kit, water and food.

All teams, individuals and spectators are there for each other and will help to ensure everyone can complete the marches.

The Road Marching training helps to provide teenagers with the ability to become fit through stamina, team spirit and building, leadership and how to cope with aches and pains to achieve the end goal......  completing the marches!

Information about the marches can be found on http://www.4daagse.nl/en

Cadets were:

Cdt     Hannay, Rhys    17y 10m M       Leading Cadet   137 (Ayr & Prestwick)
Cdt     Milroy, Matthew Douglas Anderson        17y 9m  M       Senior Cadet    1153 (Second Dumfriesshire)
Cdt     Keys, Peter     17y 9m  M       Leading Cadet   107 (Aberdeen)
Cpl     Kerrigan, Callum        17y 8m  M       Instructor Cadet        498 (Wishaw)
Cpl     Ross, Ewan McNeill      16y 6m  M       First Class     2365 (Brechin)
Cpl     Chamberlain, Morgan     16y 9m  M       Senior Cadet    327 (Kilmarnock)
Cpl     Mckay, David    18y 9m  M       Master Air Cadet        137 (Ayr & Prestwick)
Cpl     Mcwhinney, Lee Craig    16y 11m M       Senior Cadet    1777 (Dumbarton)
Cpl     Brown, Alexander        16y 8m  M       Leading Cadet   122 (No 5 Glasgow)
Cpl     Nairn, Derek    16y 0m  M       Senior Cadet    1153 (Second Dumfriesshire)
CWO     Payne, Ronan    19y 11m M       Instructor Cadet        122 (No 5 Glasgow)
FS      Smith, Matthew Benjamin 17y 5m  M       Senior Cadet    498 (Wishaw)
Sgt     Burns, Craig    17y 5m  M       Instructor Cadet        1001 (Monklands)
Sgt     Gray, Jennifer  19y 6m  F       Master Air Cadet        498 (Wishaw)
Sgt     Bellarby, Daniel        16y 8m   M       Senior Cadet    875 (Westhill)

Staff were:

CI      Cairns-Suddick  Jamie   M       2329 (Castle Douglas)
Fg Off  Tyson   Christopher     M       2329 (Castle Douglas)
Flt Lt  Herd             Grahame M       1777 (Dumbarton)
Flt Lt  Nicholls        Vanda   F       49F Greenock (MacRoberts Reply) Sqn
FS (ATC)        Grogan  Damian  M       1990 (Ellon)
Sgt (ATC)       Podger  Thomas  M        2449 (Carnoustie)

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